Congratulations! As a qualified participant, Club Solaris Cancun would like to offer you the opportunity to enjoy this incredible offer of savings up to 75% off the retail price. This package promotion includes all meals, drinks, and non-motorized activities. The discounted package price is for 2 adults and 2 children 4 and under. Besides meeting the qualifications and attending the 120-minute resort preview, there are no other obligations. Primary Travelers must meet the Resort`s Qualifications below:

Group Travel
The resort is offering this first time visitor promotion, and will honor only one package per family, friends, acquaintances or known groups traveling on the same, similar and/or adjoining arrival and departure dates. Unfortunately, if you are traveling with others this package cannot be used for this trip, but you can save it for later. Otherwise there are additional costs associated with group travel.

Credit Card
Qualified customer/s Must bring with them to the Presentation at least 1 Major Credit Card VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted (No Debit Cards, Check Cards, Company Cards or Discover Cards or else packed is voided).
The qualifying person(s) MUST be the credit card holder. Expired credit cards DO NOT QUALIFY.

Attendance to a 120-minute resort preview at Royal Solaris Cancun. The preview will be scheduled by your In-house Vip Travelers Rep and will not be on the first or last day of your vacation stay.
You are not eligible if you have previously attended a presentation at the Club Solaris.
Must tour with spouse/fiance/significant other/life partner if married/engaged/cohabitating.

Married couples - Both participants must be between the ages of 30 to 65.
Cohabitating Couples - Both participants must be between the ages of 30 to 65
Married and Cohabitating couples must live together at least 2 years (proof of cohabitation must be provided).

If married or cohabitating must have minimum $50,000 USD with combined Annual Income
Must be employed full time - part time employment does not qualify.
RETIREES ALLOWED if make the income and meet all the other qualifications, with at least one person still employed.
Must not be a full-time student.

Both qualified participants must be fluent in English or Spanish.

The qualified person must present a major credit card and government-issued photo ID at the tour reception desk.
Married and cohabitating couples must bring with them proof of such (Government issued picture ID with matching addresses, and/or marriage certificate).
Married Cohabitating couples must have lived together for at least two years (proof of cohabitation must be provided).

Marital Status
Offer is valid for married and cohabitating couples.
All guests must attend the presentation, including all persons in the reservation(s).
If Married MUST Travel with Spouse or package is void.

Offer is valid only for residents of the USA/Canada.
Residents of Quebec, Canada are not eligible for this promotion.
Valid government issued ID must be presented by all guests.

VIP Customer Welcome Call
To complete the confirmation process, you will need to complete the Resort`s Welcome Call in order get your flight information and review the terms and conditions.

Resort Fee
There will be a $29.95 per night Resort Fee charged automatically once your confirmation email is sent. This fee covers items such as resort amenities, organized activities, beach towels and more.?

Additional Terms
Participating in another resort promotion while utilizing this vacation offer is prohibited and will void the terms and conditions obligating you to pay the rack rate to the hotel prior to check-out. THIS APPLIES TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS TRAVELING AT THE SAME TIME.
This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer from your agency, any other company advertising another resort or for use with another vacation ownership week on the same, similar or adjoining arrival and departure dates. This applies for qualified guests, family and friends traveling at the same time.
When traveling to Cancun the participants MUST spend their first night in Mexico at the Royal Solaris Cancun or this promotion will be voided. This offer can NOT be used consecutively with any other resort stays in Mexico.
ALL Travel agents, clergy, airline, hospitality, owners or employees of the Resorts (or their family members) or vacation ownership industry employees are excluded from this offer.
Resort Vacations International holds no discretion over the eligibility requirements for participation in the resort preview. The eligibility requirements have been set forth by the resort developer. If Resort Vacations International believes that the eligibility requirements for participation are not being met, we reserve the right to cancel any reservation before the arrival date.

Rescheduling Policy
You may make changes to your reservation without a penalty if your change request is received at least 7 days before your scheduled arrival. Any changes made within 7 days of your scheduled arrival may incur a $250 dollar fee. All change requests are based solely on hotel room availability.